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November 24, 2014


It has been the crrraaazzziiest week! Good news: I'm done with training! I can't believe I have been here for 3 months already! Time really does fly when you are having fun :) My week was pretty normal until Friday. We did some service at Meals on Wheels for their Thanksgiving lunch, so we got to spend quite some time with a lot of old people. I am NOT used to old people, since I serve in the Young Single Adult ward, so it was definitely a different experience than I am used to. We all picked a table, and we had to serve the people sitting at our tables. I have never heard the phrase "I need more coffee!" in my entire life and I have never seen anyone drink as much coffee as these old people. What was even funnier was watching all these missionaries trying to make these old people coffee. None of us knew how much cream and sugar to put in so we all just guessed. We sang Christmas songs at the end with the band that volunteered, and lets just say that the crowd went wild. They just loved it. That took almost our whole day, and then we had to finish some last minute details for Minji's baptism. We ended up not having anyone to make refreshments (And you all know how important those are) so Sister Thomas and I ended up making cookies and brownies until about 10 pm. We then got a call from some sisters who didn't have a place to sleep that night, so we had to drive about 25 minutes to pick them up and bring them back to our house to stay the night. We didn't end up getting to bed until about midnight, and then we had to be up by 5:30 the next morning to prepare everything for the baptism. Thankfully, everything worked out and Minji was baptized. Her whole family came and they are so supportive of everything. This whole experience with Minji has just been surreal! We taught her everything in 2 weeks and she was so excited for her baptism. She is one of those people that every missionary dreams of teaching. She is the definition of elect! She was confirmed on Sunday and her family came to church to be there when she was confirmed. She was just crying and so overcome with the spirit, and it was really neat to see! In other news, no transfer letters! That means that Sister Thomas and I get one more transfer together! She will be going home at the beginning of January, so this is her last transfer. I am loving Vancouver and couldn't think of a better place to serve. The people here are so amazing and the members are so supportive! Thank you for all the prayers and support! I love you all! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving :) Eat lots of food, but don't get too fat!
Sister Henderson
Minji's Baptism

Missionaries in my zone that helped at the Meals on Wheels 

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