Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 17, 2014

What an insane week! On Tuesday, it was SO windy. People here don't know how to handle the wind, and neither do the trees. I can't tell you how many trees didn't make it through the wind. We had zone meeting on Tuesday and we did exchanges that day as well. I stayed in the YSA and we froze our little buns off. Not only was it super windy, but it was freezing cold too. On Wednesday, sister Thomas came back and the weather was the same. Insanely cold and windy. Thankfully we had a lot of lessons that day, so we didn't have to suffer too bad. We took a less active member to the family history center and one of the old people there was warning us that the next day was going to snow 4-6 inches and that we would lose power. He was really concerned with making sure we had toilet water, and we reassured him that we would figure it out. At least the old people here are taking care of us haha. On Thursday it did snow, but definitely not 4-6 inches. We were worried that our cars would be on lockdown with the snow (The mission president likes to do that) and our area is waaaayyyy too big to walk everywhere, and we had a really important lesson with our investigator, Minji, so we drove over there before the would lockdown the cars. Thankfully we got the lesson over with, and they didn't end up taking away the cars. I can't imagine not having a car in the YSA since everyone lives so far away from each other. I guess it is really early for it to be snowing here, so everyone was really shocked. On Friday Elder Snow came to our mission for a mission tour. It was a long day, but such a great one. I learned so much from him. On our lunch break, him and his wife came and sat by us because I guess we were laughing too much and they wanted to sit where the fun was happening. I found out that his grandpa (or great grandpa?) co-founded Snowflake (makes a lot of sense) so that was pretty cool! On Saturday Minji had her baptismal interview and is all set for her baptism this Saturday! We are getting really excited! Everything with her has been so amazingly easy and I have been waiting for something to happen to keep her from being baptized. So far, nothing. Keep her in your prayers! We had stake conference this weekend, and at the adult session, we had a "missionary and friends" choir, so we all invited our investigators to sing with us. Our investigator, Vivian, did it with us and it was such a cool experience. The spirit was really strong and it was just so good! On Sunday, president Taylor spoke at stake conference and it was just really good. Well, that's about it for this week. We will hopefully have a baptism this weekend, so make sure to pray for us. The work here is booming! We get transfer calls this week, so hopefully sister Thomas and I don't get transferred. She has been here for 9 months, so it is very likely that she won't be staying. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Sister Henderson
Let it Snow!

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