Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 20, 2014

The weeks here all blend together! This week was pretty successful but
discouraging at the same time. On Monday for FHE there was a potluck,
which we got one of our investigators to, and it was great! I really
just liked it because there is free food, but our investigator loved
it! We met with her the next day and put her on date for November 1st!
Her name is Vivian and she is so ready for baptism! She has been
taking the lessons for years but now she is 18 can finally be
baptized! We had zone meeting on Wednesday and sister Thomas and I had
to give the training. It went very well for my first time I guess. The
rest of the week was a little harder. We didn't have much success and
everyone we tried by wasn't home. On Sunday none of our investigators
came to church which was a bummer, but we did have a few less active
members come! The bishop had a fireside on Sunday night for he recent
converts and investigators and we got a few to that! The senior couple
is on fire! They went to Longview, which is part of the ward but is an
hour and a half away and we don't have the miles on our car to get up
there, so we never make it up there. There are only about 12 members
that come down from Longview for church, and the senior couple went up
there and talked with the stake president and there are 500 members
that are YSA age with their records up there! Now they are just going
to be finding those members and reactivating them so Longview can have
their own YSA ward. We are super excited about this! Great things are
happening in this ward and I am glad to be here! There is so much work
to do so we are for sure kept busy! The members are still feeding us
every night, so I'm not going hungry. Getting a little chubby maybe,
but not going hungry :) the weather has been rainy, which I LOVE!
That's about it for this week, I'm just staying busy. I can't believe
I have been our for 2 months! Time really does fly in the mission
field! Hope everyone has a great week! I love you all
Sister Henderson

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