Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 3, 2014

I think that the rain is bringing success with it here in Vancouver. We have finally been seeing the fruits of our labors! We have taught so many lessons this week, and our investigators are progressing unbelievably well! We put another one of our investigators on date this week and we finally got to start teaching her the lessons! She has been asking us since the day we met her when she could be baptized, and now that we started the lessons, she is basically good to go! It has really been one of the best weeks since I have been here! Sister Thomas turned 21 on Thursday, so we ate A LOT of cake that day. Everybody we saw gave us cake. Talk about a sugar overload. We got to go to the temple with one of our investigators and her aunt that day and take them to the visitors center. It was so good and they loved it! I really hope this helps her in her decision to be baptized! On Halloween we had to be in after dark and there was a YSA thing in Oregon, so none of the YSA's were available to teach or anything. We ended up going to an old couple's house and cleaning it, even though it wasn't even dirty. They gave us cupcakes, so I wasn't about to complain! On Saturday, one of our recent converts took us out to a German restaurant and it was the best thing I have eaten on my mission. It is unique to Oregon and Washington, so that is kind of a bummer. 
It has been super rainy here, like nonstop rain for the past 2 weeks. I love it! Everyone thinks that I can't handle the rain since I am from Arizona, but in fact, it is the opposite. It just makes me love it even more. It is cooling off a lot and I am loving the cooler fall weather. I had my first experience with daylight savings on Sunday. It was good because we got an extra hour of sleep. I am not, however, looking forwarding to losing an hour. I love Arizona because you don't gain anything, so then you don't have to lose anything.
I can't believe that Bryce got called to Washington! I totally called it! Congrats Bryce! You are going to love it! Vancouver actually used to be in that mission, so a lot of missionaries in my mission were originally called to Kennewick. It isn't as cool as the Vancouver mission, but it is alright I guess :) I can't believe this transfer is already halfway over. I really hope I get to stay here forever. I think that 18 months in the Clark ward would be a dream come true. It is a great place to be for a long time!  I will have to talk to President and see what her thinks :) I hope you all had a great Halloween! Have a great week and keep doing missionary work!
Sister Henderson
Temple trip with our investigator

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