Friday, September 26, 2014

9/22/14 Another Great Week in the YSA

What a week! The work is truly hastening here! We got a phone call
from a less active and she was saying that she had a friend who was
basically homeless that had been staying with her and she wanted us to
come teach her. We went over for the lesson and the girl was super
sweet. She is only 19 and has had such a hard life and just moved here
from Arizona and really has nothing. She told us that she needed to
turn her life around and that she is open minded about what we had to
teach her. We started the lesson and she immediately started crying.
The spirit was so strong and she agreed to be baptized in November!
She came to church yesterday and was such a rock star. She was so
excited to come but she had the stomach flu and she came anyway. She
just wanted to be there so bad! In relief society she was
participating and making all these great comments so I am so excited
to continue working with her! Also at church, this girl just showed up
and came up to us and asked how she can become a member of our church.
We were trying not to let our excitement show and she agreed to start
taking the lessons! It is a miracle because on Saturday we had a
little "pep rally" because as a mission, our goal is to find 400 new
investigators within the next 10 days! It is a big deal and there have
already been so many miracles! On Saturday I had the opportunity to
attend a baptism, which was one of the best I have been to. This guy
has been investigating the church for 3 years but couldn't get
baptized because he had fines to pay off first. So he has been
attending the singles ward for 3 years and he finally got them paid
off! So many people came to the baptism and it was so amazing! We have
2 baptisms this week, Kaili and Jessie! My first baptisms :) it will
for sure be a great week! Our ward is so amazing and so supportive.
The ward missionaries help so much and they truly are such great
members. I hope I get to stay in the YSA for a long time because there
is so much work to do here. It is hard for sure, but it is so
rewarding. The weather here has been really warm and dry (today is the
first overcast day since I have been here) and the trees are so
beautiful! It is so gorgeous here and so green! I love it so much!
Well, not much else is happening. Just working hard and staying busy.
I love you all so much! 
Sister Thomas & I at Wendy's

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