Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014

Crazy to believe I have almost been here for 2 weeks! I am absolutely
loving the YSA ward! It is such a different kind of work here since we
are looking for such a narrow group of people but it is so rewarding!
And the members here definitely take care of us. We have dinner
appointments every night and they either make us food or take us out.
We are so spoiled. The weirdest things have happened this week that
are hard to put into words. Let's just say that after a conversation
with a less active member we definitely felt the power of satan over
her and the deceit she was being fed. We came home after that with the
weirdest feelings and asked the members we lived with for a priesthood
blessing and felt so much better after. One of our investigators has
been struggling with the word of wisdom and she has been sick so we
asked the elders to give her a blessing and it was so amazing! She had
so much faith and the spirit was so strong and she was crying after
because she felt so amazing! We also got her to go to the relief
society activity craft thing and she loved it! But we still can't get
her to go to church! Another one of our investigators asked to move
her baptismal date to September 23 instead of December 23 and I am so
excited for her! Everyone already thinks she is a member and she is
going to byu in January so she figured she might as well not wait. But
she has such a solid testimony and is so great! One night at a dinner
appointment with a RM and her mom, they tried energy healing Sister
Thomas which was so entertaining to watch her expressions and it got
really weird so I told them it was time for us to go. We got in the
car and started laughing so hard because it was SUPER weird. She said
that weird things follow her on her mission and I can definitely see
that in action. Haha. It keeps me on my toes! Not much else has
happened, we had a zone BBQ today which was super fun but we didn't
have time to do anything today, so I have to keep this a little short!
Thanks to everyone who has emailed me, and to my one sister that
emailed me. I love hearing from everyone but that's hard to do when
nobody writes me. (Guilt trip) I love you all! Thanks for the support!
Sister Henderson

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